The Apprentice Knight is a 1-star Warrior Class. Its card level rarity is Normal

Attributes at level 1Edit

Apprentice Knight

Apprentice Knight

Apprentice KnightEdit

  • COST: 8
  • ATK: 52
  • HP: 716
  • SKILL: None
  • Sell value: 1296 gold

Apprentice Knight

Apprentice Knight+

Apprentice Knight+Edit

  • COST: 8
  • ATK: 60
  • HP: 832
  • SKILL: None
  • Sell value: 2592 gold

Apprentice Knightplusplus

Apprentice Knight++

Apprentice Knight++Edit

  • COST: 8
  • ATK: 68
  • HP: 948
  • Skill: None
  • Sell value: 5184 gold

Apprentice Knightpluplusplus

Apprentice Knight+++

Apprentice Knight+++Edit

  • COST: 8
  • ATK: 76
  • HP: 1064
  • Skill: None
  • Sell value: 10368 gold



  • "I really can fight! I know I'm not done with training, but sooner or later, I will have to be on the battlefield, right?" -Apprentice Knight
  • I guess it's a bit different from training. I'm a little nervous when I see the enemies approaching." -Apprentice Knight++ (actually +)
  • "I don't think I'm good enough to help our troops... There must be some other way for me to help" -Apprentice Knight++
  • "I feel stronger now. Take me to the Hellgate with you!" -Apprentice Knight+++

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