Barbaric Warrior is a 4-star Warrior Class card. Its card rarity is Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Barbaric Warrior

Barbaric Warrior

Barbaric WarriorEdit

Barbaric Warrior

Barbaric Warrior+

Barbaric Warrior+Edit


Barbaric Warrior is the result of combining Beast+++ and Fighter+++.

Barbaric Warrior can be combined with Barbaric Warrior to get Barbaric Warrior+.


  • "You may find barbaric warriors in the southern rock desert. Puny monsters are scared by those barbaric warriors."- Barbaric Warrior
  • "Goblins will tell their kids that barbaric warriors will snatch them away if they're naughty. Those barbaric warriors seem like a nightmare for Goblins." - Barbaric Warrior+

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