Bella is a 10-star Monk Class card. Its card rarity is Ultra Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit




Bella+ Edit

  • Cost: 22
  • Attack: 398
  • HP: 6081
  • Skill: Heal x3 (3)
  • BattleSkill: Last Stand 2


Bella can be combined with Bella to get Bella+.

Sets Edit

The Chosen One (Guild) - Bella only. Edit

  • Full enemy party attack 10% down.

Wing Coalition (Battle) - Combined with Hanner. Edit

  • Full part attack/HP 20% up.




  • "The weapon chooses the person. She chose me. Nobody else can draw out her true power like I can."- Bella
  • A magic circle appears when she draws out the strength of her sword. Even enemies in the air cannot avoid her attack.

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