A Card is a semi-playable character that you use to complete quests. There are four classes of cards (Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Thief) as well as five rarities (Normal, Heroic Normal, Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare.)

Many cards can be evolved into more powerful forms, and enchanted to give them higher stats.

Obtaining Cards Edit

Cards can be obtained from picking up loot chests in successful quests, acquiring all seven emblems from the Battle Arena, and completing missions (achievements). They can also be bought in the Card Shop with Gems, Gold Tickets, Gold, Hearts, or from using a Random Box.

Enchanting Edit

Nearly all cards can be enchanted with other cards to increase its level and therefore attack power and health. Cards used as enchanting material will be erased in the process.

Main article: Enchanting

Evolving Edit

Many cards can evolve into other cards, shown by pluses (+) after their name and the number of red circles on the card.

Main article: Evolving


Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare cards can be combined into more powerful cards in a fashion similar to Evolving, depending on certain criteria.

Main article: Transforming


Certain combinations of four cards can be used to create new cards.

Main article: Fusing


When certain combinations of 1-4 cards are equipped to a specified party, a stat is modified whenever that party is employed.

Main article: Set

See Also Edit

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