Cowboy Ekal is a 7-Star Archer Class card. Its card rarity is Super Rare.

Attributes at level 6 Edit

Cowboy Ekal

Cowboy Ekal Card

Cowboy Ekal

Cowboy Ekal+ lvl 1 (2 fully evolved Ekal lvl10)

  • Cost: 20
  • Attack: 306
  • HP: 4473
  • Skill: Attack 2(3)
  • Batlleskill: Full of Vigor 4
  • Sell Value: 31104 gold

Evolving Edit

  • Cowboy Ekal can be evolved with Cowboy Ekal to get Cowboy Ekal+

Quotes Edit

  • "It'd be a mistake to just think of me as a farmhand. In these lands, there isn't a single soul that is as tough and shoots guns as well as me." - Cowboy Ekal

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