Demon Blader

Demon Blader is a 5-star Thief Class. It's card rarity is Super Rare.

Attributes at level 1Edit

Demon BladerEdit

  • Cost: 22
  • Attack: 194
  • HP: 2978
  • Skill: Ambush (4)
  • Battleskill: Bloodsucker 3
  • Sell Value: 10368 gold and 5 Yellow Star Stones


Can be created by combining Sword Dancer+ and Dark Magician+

Demon Blader does not evolve any further.


Demon Blader can be fused with Crown of Aegis, Terracotta Warrior Rebel, and Leona+ to form Masked Leona.


  • "Her seemingly ordinary blade will reveal its true power in battle."  - Demon Blader

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