Devil Hunter is a 4-star Archer Class card. Its card rarity is Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Devil Hunter

Devil Hunter

Devil HunterEdit

  • Cost: 16
  • Attack: 124
  • HP: 1615
  • Skill: Execution (5)
  • BattleSkill: None
Devil Hunter

Devil Hunter+

Devil Hunter+Edit

  • Cost: 16
  • Attack: 154
  • HP: 2050
  • Skill: Execution (5)
  • BattleSkill: None


Devil Hunter is the result of combining Hunter+++ and Priest+++.

Devil Hunter can be combined with Devil Hunter to get Devil Hunter+.

Devil Hunter+ can be combined with Exorcist+ to get Hell Raider.


Devil Hunter is part of the Goddess's Affection Set.


  • "Her target has no chance of surviving. She shoots, dismantles, and purifies."- Devil Hunter
  • "She never stops moving during the battle. She lunges fast, shooting at monsters' heads, and pierces hearts with a cross dagger." - Devil Hunter+

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