Equipment are extra bonuses that can be added to a card (maximum of 2 per card). If an equipment is to be swapped out for another, it will be destroyed.

These bonuses can either be additional attack power or more health.

Equipment have 5 different class types:

When the equipment is attached to a card of the same type, the card will recieve the full bonus of the equipment. However, if the equipment is attached to a card of a different type, the card will recieve half of the equipment's bonus rounded down. The exception to this is the common class. These equipments are classified by their grey marking and border. They can be attached to any card type and will always provide the full bonus.

Like cards, equipment have another classification based on rarity.

  • Normal
  • High Normal
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Ultra Rare

The rarer an equipment, the larger the bonus provided.

See Also Edit

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