The Escort Spearman is a 1-star Warrior Class card. Its card level rarity is Normal.

Attributes at level 1Edit

261-Escort Spearman(NORMAL) (2)

Escort Spearman

Escort SpearmanEdit

  • Cost: 6
  • Attack: 50
  • HP: 658
  • Skill: None
  • Sell value: 1296 gold

Escort Spearmanplus

Escort Spearman+

Escort Spearman+Edit

  • Cost: 6
  • Attack: 58
  • HP: 774
  • Skill: None
  • Sell value: 2592 gold

Escort Spearmanplusplus

Escort Spearman++

Escort spearman++Edit

  • Cost: 6
  • Attack: 66
  • HP: 890
  • Skill: None
  • Sell value: 5184 gold

Escort Spearmanplusplusplus

Escort Spearman+++

Escort Spearman+++Edit

  • Cost: 6
  • Attack: 74
  • HP: 1006
  • Skill: None
  • Sell value: 10368 gold



  • "Escorts are on the frontline. That's not a good sign... Maybe it's better for me. I just can't wait to get out of this castle." - Escort
  • "What I'm saying is that I didn't enjoy the monotonous routine at the castle. Don't get me wrong." - Escort Spearman+
  • "Escorts consist of very strong men. They are responsible for protecting the royal family." - Escort spearman++
  • "It's a beautiful day to fight. Let's show the prowess of escorts!" - Escort Spearman+++

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