Explosion Specialist is a 4-star Thief Class card. Its card rarity is Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Explosion Specialist

Explosion Specialist

Explosion SpecialistEdit

Explosion Specialist

Explosion Specialist+

Explosion Specialist+Edit


Explosion Specialist is the result of combining Artillery+++ and Gunner+++.

Explosion Specialist can be combined with Explosion Specialist to get Explosion Specialist+.

Explosion Specialist+ can be combined with Power Archer+ to get Ninja.


  • "Prior to battle, she broaches the enemy frontier and blows up several facilities. Once the enemy are in disarray due to the explosions, the allies storm into the enemy territory."- Explosion Specialist
  • "Give me a second. I'm making a special bomb. That's right. This bomb will annihilate everyone on target!" - Explosion Specialist+

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