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Spirit Stones is a Card-Collecting Game (CCG) revolving around a Match-3 battle system. Cards are collected upon completing quests (defeating enemies through a series of stages using the Match-3 system), challenging other players (an auto-battle system dependent on the attack and health of your team and your opponent's team), and purchasing them with Gems, Gold or Hearts.

Match-3 Battle SystemEdit

Four main block types are introduced in a stage and you must trace a line to link matching blocks. The more blocks you connect, the more damage that corresponding character class will dish out. There are several sub-blocks such as Skill Blocks that spawn either randomly or after a 3+ combo to further increase your damage or even heal your health.

Each time you begin to trace a line and successfully deal damage, your turn ends and the enemy's health is depleted. The counter next to their health bar ticks down by one, and when it reaches zero, the enemy will attack. Afterward, their counter resets. When your health reaches zero, the quest stage is lost and you must either pay 5 gems to continue or leave the quest entirely.

At the end of each stage in a quest, there is a chance for a loot chest to drop, which may contain either gold, equipment, or a card. There is also a very small chance that a Random Box will drop instead.

After successful completion of a quest, all loot chests acquired will be opened and received.


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Quests Edit

A quest (or stage) is a series of puzzle-based battle rounds that grants a reward when completed. Quests require a gradually increasing amount of stamina to attempt, and grant a gradually increasing amount of xp. Quests are the main way to gain experience.

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Battle Skills are skills that are triggered at a set rate during Ranking and Emblem battles.

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List of Gameplay Features

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