From the GAMEVIL forum:


  • A guild can be created by a user that is Lv.50 or higher.
  • The cost to create the guild is 500k Gold.
  • A guild can have up to 25 members.
  • Guild Battles take place between guilds that have at least 5 members each.
  • The winning guild is decided by whichever guild stole the most loot.
  • The Guild Battle includes 3 days of prep, 2 days of battle, and 2 days of rest.
  • Check in to get rewards. (The check-in rewards are sent to the Giftbox the following day).
  • The guild can be leveled up through Gold donations. The higher its level, the greater the rewards will be from the Guild Battle and guild check-ins. (Guild Battle rewards will be sent on an off-day).
  • The Guild Battle party will consist of 8 characters.
  • Once the Guild Battle starts, the user will get 3 chances to attack. After that, the user will recover one chance to attack every 6 hours.

Guild MonsterEdit

  • During prep time, guild members can feed their Guild Monster to make it stronger. The stronger the Guild Monster, the higher the HP and ATK. The guild would have a higher chance to win. The Guild Monster can only be fed during prep time, it cannot be fed during battle.
  • The Guild Monster's level is reset every week.
  • Only the Guild Master can change the Guild Monster. Also, the monster may only be changed during prep time. The previous Guild Monster will retain its level even if the Guild Monster is changed.
  • There are Guild Monsters beyond the basic type that have special stats. These Guild Monsters can be purchased by the Guild Master using Gems.

Guild ContributionEdit

  • If you donate Gold and feed the Guild Monster a lot, your guild contribution will rise.
  • Reach a contribution tier to receive rewards.
  • If you leave a guild, your contribution is reset.

Guild MasterEdit

  • The Guild Master can change/purchase the Guild Monster, set the guild type, and remove members from the guild.
  • The Guild Master can only leave the guild after assigning another guild member as the Guild Master.
  • The Guild Master could receive an additional reward from the Guild Battle rewards.

Joining/Leaving a GuildEdit

  • You can join a guild through a friend or by searching for a guild.
  • If you have requested to join a guild, you cannot request to join another.
  • After you leave a guild, you must wait 3 days before you can join another guild. However, if you are removed from a guild, you can join another guild immediately.

Game Mechanics:Edit

(Same as Hell Gates.)

  • That is, Boss turns do not drop like Hell Boss
  • No Combo Bar
  • Team uses normal Skills
  • No Set effects / No HP Bonus
  • 3 Combo makes Super Block
  • 5 Combo makes Hammer
  • x2 requires 5 gems

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