Jungle Hunter is a 1-star Archer Class card. Its card rarity is Normal

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Jungle Hunter

Jungle Hunter

Jungle HunterEdit

  • Cost: 5
  • Attack: 50
  • HP: 580
  • Skill: None
  • Sell Value: 1296 gold

Jungle Hunterplus

Jungle Hunter+

Jungle Hunter+Edit

  • Cost: 5
  • Attack: 58
  • HP: 658
  • Skill: None
  • Sell Value: 2592 gold

Jungle Hunterplusplus

Jungle Hunter++

Jungle Hunter++Edit

  • Cost: 5
  • Attack: 66
  • HP: 744
  • Skill: None
  • Sell Value: 5184 gold

Jungle Hunterplusplusplus

Jungle Hunter+++

Jungle Hunter+++Edit

  • Cost: 5
  • Attack: 74 
  • HP: 890
  • Skill: None
  • Sell Value: 10368 gold


  • Jungle Hunter+++ does not evolve any further.


  • "I never thought of leaving this jungle. But if you need my archery skills, I'll be glad to help" - Jungle Hunter
  • "My bow is not meant to hurt people. That's why I feel a bit hestitant to shoot." - Jungle Hunter+
  • "Have you met honey? She's a great warrior. You'll see nothing but victories if you fight with her." - Jungle Hunter++
  • "Food is important during a long battle like this. I spent some time making food here." - Jungle Hunter+++

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