Lauren is a 9 star Warrior class card. It's rarity is UR.

Level 1 Attributes Edit



Lauren Edit

  • Cost: 18
  • Attack:
  • HP:
  • Skill: create(2)
  • Battleskill: summon 2 Sword Blocks

Lauren+ Edit

  • Cost: 18
  • Attack:
  • HP:
  • Skill:
  • Battleskill:

Set name: Dangerous Liaison Edit

Together with Stacy, Elena and Yvette, she forms the set effect Dangerous Liaison: Opponent party ATK/HP decreased by 10% in battle.

She also has her own set effect, Guardian Girl: Full party HP 10% up in Battle

Fuse Edit


Quote Edit

"DLauren is the Daughter of te dethroned royal family. She is hiding in the ruins of her palace. There she awaits for the change to get stronger."

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