Card Evolution Tree Edit

Normal Card Evolution Tree Edit

Scout + Gunner- Assassin

Scout + Guard- Hell Guard

Beast + Sorceress- Conjurer

Beast + Fighter- Barbaric Warrior

Beast + Alchemist- Giant Beast

Infantry + Gunner- Ranger

Infantry + Artillery- Mercenary

Knight + Spearman- Lancer

Knight + Priest- Temple Knight

Knight + Magician-Dark Knight

Gunner + Artillery- Explosion Specialist

Gunner + Infantry- Ranger

Gunner + Scout- Assassin

Hunter + Priest- Devil Hunter

Trainer + Alchemist- Beast Conqueror

Jungle Hunter doesn't evolve

Rogue + Musician- Witch

Rogue + Dancer- Sword Dancer

Sorceress + Magician- Dark Magician

Sorceress + BeastConjurer

Archer + Fighter- Power Archer

Archer + Spearman- Long Bow Master

Magician +Pirate- Exorcist

Magician + Knight-Dark Knight

Magician + Sorceress- Dark Magician

Female Fighter doesn't evolve

Pirate + Magician- Exorcist

Pirate + Musician- Light Warrior

Spearman + Knight- Lancer

Spearman + Archer- Long Bow Master

Alchemist + Beast- Giant Beast

Alchemist + Trainer- Beast Conqueror

Escort doesn't evolve

Artillery + Gunner- Explosion Specialist

Artillery + Infantry- Mercenary

Voluntary Army Chief doesn't evolve

Pharmacist doesn't evolve.

Apprentice Sorceress doesn't evolve

Apprentice Knight doesn't evolve

Priest + Hunter- Devil Hunter

Dancer + Rogue- Sword Dancer

Guard + Scout- Hell Guard

Bounty Hunter +

Musician + Rogue- Witch

Musician + Pirate- Light Warrior

Fighter + Archer- Power Archer

Fighter + Beast- Barbaric Warrior

Rare Card Evolution Tree Edit

Sword Dancer + Dark Magician = Demon Blader

Dark Knight

Exorcist + Devil Hunter = Hell Raider

Ranger + Assassin = Sniper

Barbaric Warrior

Lancer + Temple Knight = Knight Commander

Hell Guard + Witch = Pyromancer

Beast Conqueror + Giant Beast = Giant Warrior

Power Archer + Explosion Specialist = Ninja

Long Bow Master doesn't evolve.

Light Warrior + Conjurer = Shaman

Mercenary doesn't evolve.

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