Mona & Reina is a 9-star Warrior Class card. Its card rarity is Ultra Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Mona & Reina

Mona & Reina

Mona & ReinaEdit

Mona & Reina+Edit

  • Cost:
  • Attack:
  • HP:
  • Skill:
  • BattleSkill:


Mona & Reina can be combined with Mona & Reina to get Mona & Reina+.




Mona & Reina are part of the Forever Partners Set.


  • "Twins Mona and Reina have been put into the spotlight as master swordwoman in the kingdom. They are so in sync that when they move, their two swords look like one"- Mona & Reina

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