Pierra is a UR9 warrior card.

Level 1 Attributes Edit

  • Cost: 19
  • Attack: 346
  • HP: 4805
  • Skill: create(2)
  • Battleskill: Complete endurance 4

Evolve/Fuse Edit

Pierra can be evolved to Pierra+.

You can create Pierra by putting together an Immortal Totem, Giant Warrior, Victorious Fiona and Janice.

Set name: The Four Godesses Edit

Together with Tia, Sylvania and Kina she forms the set effect The Four Godesses: Full party attack/HP 10% up in battle.

Alone she also has a set effect, Severe Punishment: Full party attack/HP 10% up in Hellgate battles.

Quote Edit

"Fire and I are one and the same. These dim-witted monsters are no match for me!"- Pierra

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