Power Archer is a 4 star [Card class|Archer Class] card. Its card rarity is Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Power Archer

Power Archer

Power ArcherEdit

  • Cost: 16
  • Attack: 120
  • HP: 1557
  • Skill: Ambush (5)
  • Battleskill: [[Summon Tree Block] 1
Power Archer

Power Archer+

Power Archer+Edit


Power Archer is the result of combining Archer+++ and Fighter+++.

Power Archer can be combined with Power Archer to get Power Archer+

Power Archer+ can be combined with Explosion Specialist+ to get Ninja


Power Archer can be fused with Flag of Brikeaz, Claw of Hell Tauren, and Sekhmet's Heart to form Victorious Coat of Arms.


Power Archer is part of the Lovely Elves 1 and 2 Sets.


  • "Great archers aren't at their best in a melee. However, power archers are always ready for close range battles with their daggers." - Power Archer
  • "I'm ready for any kind of battle! Let's move!" - Power Archer+

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