A quest (or stage) is a series of puzzle-based battle rounds that grants a reward when completed. Quests require a gradually increasing amount of stamina to attempt, and grant a gradually increasing amount of xp. Quests are the main way to gain experience.

Quest Structure Edit

Quests are grouped into Areas, Sub-Areas, and then Stages. Each Area has six Sub-Areas and each Sub-Area has six stages (five normal stages and a boss stage.)

Quest & Completetion Rewards Edit

The main reward from quest is experience. The first time a quest is completed it will give a large amount of xp, and each subsequent completion gives a lot (approximately 20%) less.

Item chests are another reward from quests. After beating each round of a quest, there is a potential for a chest to "drop." If the quest is completed successfully, each chest dropped will randomly grant a card, a piece of equipment, gold or an emblem. If the quest is failed, the dropped chests are lost. The maximum number of chests earned in one attempt is three.

Once four chests have been earned in a given quest it is considered "cleared". When all quests in a given area have been cleared, a bonus reward, depending upon the area, is granted.

Re-attempted cleared quests grant one reward at a successful end.

Areas Edit

(Brikeaz Continent)Edit

Normal Forest Edit

  • The Normal Forest is the first quest area in Spirit Stones. It consists mostly of plains, forests and caves.

Rebels' Base Edit

  • 100% Clear Reward: 1 Gem

Human City Edit

  • 100% Clear Reward: 2 Gems

Central Mountain Edit

  • 100% Clear Reward: 3 Wines

Frozen Land Edit

Volcanic Island Edit

Jungle IslandEdit


Underwater CityEdit

Elf CityEdit

Elf ForestEdit

Orc CityEdit

Volcanic ZoneEdit

(Lysis Continent)Edit

Silent HarbourEdit

Empty CityEdit

Echo ForestEdit

Endless BridgeEdit

Metal CemeteryEdit

Silent ForestEdit

See Also Edit

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