Shumai Edit

Shumai is a 10-star Bishop class card. It's rarity is UR.

Attributes at level 1 Edit



  • Cost: 22
  • Attack: 386
  • HP: 5414
  • Skill: Heal 2 (2)
  • BattleSkill: Untouchable 2


  • Cost: ?
  • Attack: ?
  • HP: ?
  • Skill: Heal 2 (2)
  • BattleSkill: Untouchable 2

Evolution Edit


Shumai can be combined with Shumai to make Shumai+

Sets Edit

The Best Defense - The set includes just Shumai and in battle your full party will get HP 10% up.

Fusion Edit


Quotes Edit

  • At the slightest flick of her wrist, the very earth rumbles and shakes. When she raises her arms, walls of solid rock shoot up from the ground. - Shumai
  •  ?

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