Stamina is used in almost every action you do. The amount of stamina you have is located on the top of your screen in 2 bars.
Stamina bar

Left - Quest Stamina Right - Battle Stamina

There are 2 types of stamina:

  • Quest Stamina
  • Battle Stamina

You can increase the maximum stamina you have by adding friends (2 per friend).

You can refill your stamina bar by using:

Quest StaminaEdit

Quest Stamina is used everytime you begin a stage. The amount of quest stamina required is located on the top right of the stage selection. 
Stage 5 example stamina

Quest stamina requirement

Battle StaminaEdit

Battle Stamina is used everytime you attack a Hellgate monster or a player. The amount is specified before you initiate your attack.
Battle mode

Battle mode stamina cost

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