Sword Dancer is a 4-star Thief Class card. Its card rarity is Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Sword Dancer

Sword Dancer

Sword DancerEdit

Sword Dancer

Sword Dancer+

Sword Dancer+Edit


Sword Dancer is the result of combining Dancer+++ and Rogue+++.

Sword Dancer can be combined with Sword Dancer to get Sword Dancer+.

Sword Dancer+ can be combined with Dark Magician+ to get Demon Blader.


Sword Dancer fuses with Flag of Brikeaz, Claw of Hell Tauren, and Champion's Laurel to form Crown of Aegis.


  • "While you're mesmerized by the dance, the sword will slash your throat. What a beautiful moment."- Sword Dancer
  • "Dancing in the fiery battlefield makes me feel very excited. That excitement often means sadness as well. Am I being too emotional here?" - Sword Dancer+